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Soul work .. why it should be never ending ..

I am a big believer on improving your time here on this earth ... and LEARNING as much as you can. Most think of that 'learning' as something that is more formal, that you walk away once completed with a piece of paper saying "YOU DID IT!" and then that paper transcends you on your way to validate your expertise and to demand a bit more in life in the way of money or respect.

The learning or path that I highly regard .. is soul work. I have a profound respect for people who survive life and want to learn the lessons, understand the events, and work on the the aftermath so as NOT to bleed on others. I am in awe of the strength it takes to acknowledge that something has injured your soul and that wound could then not only keep you from living at your full potential but then that weight carries onto others.

The weight of it all leaves us exhausted and powerless.

Yet the aftermath of seeing someone walking in their newly discovered armor is really cool. Actually, this process has shaped the person I am today and is a path I will always be on. Alot is left on the table to be misunderstood. . and I walk around with the cloud of people characterizing me as one who is lofty, or who is just 'out there' when it comes to dealing with people and relationships. It can be hard at times especially being misunderstood by the ones you love the most.

Life can be hard. Things pile up .. and then it can all be too much. We break, we overload, we run, we avoid .. we do all kinds of things to NOT deal with the stuff that can just be overwhelming.

We create distractions.

We create survival mechanisms.

We go after things that numb us to where we do not have to deal with being stuck.

We forget our passion and our purpose by being so overwhelmed - and we do GET STUCK in this never ending circling pattern.

We ALLL do these things .. sometimes for a very long time .. and I've known a few who this has become a way of life. It hurts my heart for them - I've been there. Some days I am there. . but I am aware and try to be honest with myself and go to using the things to move me forward and keep me from getting stuck.

So as we look to a new year - and if this resonates with you .. what is the first steps to switching gears and getting unstuck?


We are all meant for joy and peace and purpose.

Nobody can create a plan for your life better than you .. only you can do it .. YOU do have the answers and you DO have the wisdom .. it is just buried amongst all the other things piled on top.

Asking your soul questions and documenting the answers ... and being TRUTHFILLED .. and getting rid of the lies that we have been telling ourselves OR that others have told us .. for most of our lives. Learning what triggers our fears .. Clearing out the lies. Remembering that we were designed for good things. That we were born innocent and beautiful and happy .. and going back to that imaging of how life should be.

It is not easy.

By any means.

But you are so worth it. SO WORTH IT.

We have to give ourselves mercy and grace .. show our own selves the compassion we'd show to others. . and we have to love. love ourselves. and love others even when that is hard. . .

My hope and prayer is that you will seek out a bit more for your life in this upcoming year .. that you will do any work that is necessary to help your soul more so than your physique or appearance - that you will look to heal the trauma, the grief, the dissappointment or even just the disconnections we've all been experiencing during this pandemic.

And if possible, Debbie and I would love to be a part of your walk to this place.

We are both working hard to get there. . and late spring it will all be coming together and should be amazing. It is our motivation right now.

Be easy on your heart.

Love well.

Here is to 2022.

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