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Workshop Descriptions

Soul Restoration Retreat

Remember that little girl? The one with the pig tails and big dreams? She is still in there. Imagine some time just for you! You will be nurtured and loved on while you spend some time growing and feeding that soul of yours! Darlene and Debbie are Certified Instructors of this amazing curriculum that has transformed thousands of women and is now here in the South! You will walk away from this magical retreat feeling refreshed and loved by new friends. You will have tools to help you live the life you used to dream about. Four Sundays filled with so much goodness created just for YOU! Four Sundays that will change your life. There will be some creative play in our art studio that is packed with all kinds of goodies! You will also have time to enjoy the fresh air walking around the beautiful lake property.

This is your chance to slow way down from the demands of the everyday world, and put yourself first. As ladies - moms, wives, daughters, friends, sisters...we just don't take the time to do this. In order to be the very best for everyone else, we must take the time to put on our own oxygen mask first. Here at Restore to Soar, you will feel loved and accepted just as you are right now.  

​You will be restoring YOU. Things happen in our lives, we have struggles - ups and downs, we make mistakes, we are told lies - from society, from other people. Sometimes we make up lies ourselves to help us make sense of our lives.  All of these things take a toll on us and get in the way of creating the life we used to dream about. This retreat is not about changing yourself.  It's about restoring yourself back to the beautiful, sweet soul you were when you came into this world.  We are so excited to be able to share this with you. It is TRULY a life changing experience and it will propel you to grow and live the life you want. It is something that you will never forget!  The bonds created during this time are incredible.

We will meet four wonderful, life changing days. You will be nurtured and loved while growing. All supplies, workbooks, goodies, meals and lots of love are provided. 

See calendar for dates.

Soul Book Gathering - all ages

SoulBook is a soulful, fun gathering that is deeply meaningful and personal at the same time. You’ll create a beautiful chunky SoulBook full of all of the things your beautiful heart knows, but sometimes forgets. You’ll make it out of inexpensive and easy-to-find cardboard and tape and fill it with reminders of important things you may have forgotten about yourself…things we don’t ever want to forget. You can make your SoulBook as simple or as artsy and creative as you like! This is for you! This incredible gathering is enlightening, healing, nurturing and helps you figure out the life you want to live. We’ve made this as simple as possible so that anyone and everyone can be a part of it. The SoulBook project materials were originally created for women, but it’s fabulous for any girl about 10 and up. Come with your friend, family or just make new friends. 

Let Go, Let God

We are not meant to live a life full of worries, concerns or fears. God wants us to leave those at the foot of the cross and give Him the reigns but life is hard. Being a human in difficult and we carry around our burdens which weigh us down. This workshop will help you develop the tools and trust to give it all to God. First, you will create a beautiful "Prayers on the Run" box that you can carry in your purse for when you have something you can't get off of your mind or when you run into someone who needs your prayers. We will take some prayerful, yet personal, reflection time with a walk by the lake. Then, you will have fun designing your own "God Box", based on the best selling book. This will be where you can permanently leave your concerns and prayer requests for God to take care of. You will also receive a copy of the "God Box" book to take read about giving it all to God. 

It is Her Time

In this empowering day long workshop, you will be pampered and nurtured all day. Beginning with early morning yoga or prayerful mediation time by the lake, this will be just what you need to help you appreciate your worth and empower you to live the life you were meant to live.  After breakfast is served, we will spend the morning doing the life changing She Did it Anyway workshop. See description above. After lunch, we will spend the afternoon with a local renown artist who will teach you her new multi-media inspiring painting course just for ladies. Don't let the "art" word scare you! You do not have to be an “artist” by Webster's definition, because you will learn everything you need to know. Not only will you will leave with a creative soul book and an incredible painting but most importantly,  a revived spirit and the knowledge that you can do anything. You are your own hero. 

Rough Day Bundle

Everyone has rough days...and often we are not prepared for them when they come.

Sometimes, when we have a rough day, we go right back to destructive behaviors or words that keep us from growing. Plan for your rough days on a good day.  

In this workshop, we will create a collection for for what to do when rough days come. We will gather our favorite words along with other good things for your soul into one place to create the perfect medicine to soothe our souls when we will need it most.

We will be crafting a gorgeous art journal, full of beauty, comfort, peace and goodness that is exquisitely curated for our very own soul.  We will also learn how to make our own candles and bath bombs for that rough day. Watch for upcoming dates in the calendar section. 

Who Are You in God's Eyes?

This enlightening day long retreat will help you realize that it is not earthly love or acceptance that matters. You are chosen, a beloved daughter of God.

We will create a mixed media piece of art, specifically for you! You do not need to be an artist, but will leave with a beautiful reminder that you are are His Masterpiece. Come ready for a professional portrait that will be taken first thing in the morning. Along with beautiful images of birds, butterflies and encouraging words or scripture, you may want to include your own image somewhere in your artwork. You will hear an inspiring talk about God's love for you in this crazy thing we call life and feel His love as we pamper you throughout the day and with lunch. Bring your Bible to learn Bible journaling in the afternoon. This will be a beautiful day to help you soar as God intended.

Go Where the Peace Is

It has been said over and over again throughout history that the most important thing we can ever attain is peace of mind. Peace is really what our whole soul craves and strives is the place where we can find clarity, where our wisdom resides and a place of inner peace is really what is intended for all of us. Why then, is it so difficult at times in our life to get to a place of peace? And then when we get there, why is it so hard to stay there? Finding peace is really another one of those daily and hourly disciplines that we have to constantly be aware of and intentional about. Peace is not one of those things that is easy to find in this loud and crazy world. There is so much noise on the outside, and sometimes even more noise on the inside...with our minds buzzing with anything but peaceful thoughts. This life transforming workshop will help you discover ways to bring you peace and keep it. 

Truth Card Workshop

Join us for a fun few hours where we will make new friends, eat a little and do a bit of creative soul work. In this 3 hour monthly workshop, we will be making beautiful reminder cards for you to take home. No art skills required, at all whatsoever. Everything is provided. Just bring you. We will have a great time getting to know each other and playing in the awesome art studio! Spaces are limited Bring a friend or just make new ones. PLEASE bring an appetizer or dessert to share!

The Decision Maker

We sometimes forget how many choices we make in a day. Our power is in our choices.

In this enlightening and life enriching course, we will learn extremely effective tools for making decisions in our lives, both big and small through asking ourselves a series of questions that help us get to the root of what we really want.

We will be creating beautiful, creative tools to take home and use on a daily basis. We will create a personal and artsy book, each page with a decision making question and the affirmation that goes with it. You will receive lunch, drinks, all of the art supplies you'll need, a workbook and a book you will create. 

See upcoming dates in the calendar section and reserve your spot.

She Did it Anway

In this empowering workshop, we will write the story of what we have overcome in life and how we will choose to guide our life in the future by continuing to climb every mountain and jump over every hurdle to live our dreams.

Every heroic woman has had to overcome adversity, challenges and common trait in all heroines is that they have all chosen to look their difficulties in the face and move forward toward their purpose anyway.

We will be creating a SHE DID IT ANYWAY® book that tells the story of our own difficult challenges and our resolve to live the life we want to live in spite of our challenges. 

See upcoming dates and reserve your seat in the calendar section.

Prayer Board

In this class, we will be making your very own Prayer Board. This will help you to keep people or prayers in the forefront of your day. You can clip the prayer request for your loved ones up on the board to remind you all day long as you go about your day. This class is a real favorite and is lighthearted and fun. You can choose to make this for yourself or as a gift for someone else. Lighten the load when you put prayers down on paper and give them all to God. See upcoming dates in the calendar section and register there. All supplies are included and each prayer board comes out uniquely beautiful!

Path of Light

Throughout this thought-provoking creative workshop, we will be exploring the path that we have traveled in our lives and will yet travel...a path filled with dark places and light places. We will learn what truth, love and peace fees like for ourselves and how to choose those things for ourselves.

We will be creating a moving artwork that depicts the path of light we must choose every day, rather than the path of comparison, self-judgement, discouragement and a feeling of never being enough.

Through journaling prompts, we will each uncover what a path of light looks like for our own life. We will learn how our thoughts, our spoken words, our choices and our actions can either keep us on the lighted path or cause us to feel lost in the dark. Look for upcoming dates in the calendar section.  

Church Painting

Make your own beautiful church painting. No art skills required. We will help you every step of the way and all of your supplies will be provided! You will be so proud of your unique gorgeous artwork.  Such a fun evening!!!

"I Am..." - Girls/Teens

For girls, teens and young adults ages 5 to 25 (along with their mothers, if desired), this empowering, yet fun, workshop will remind your favorite young girl how amazing they are and what is truly important in life. They are beautiful, they are worthy and they are enough, just as they are. They will create a gorgeous canvas to take home as their daily reminder.  At the Tween Empowerment Day, this workshop will be held along with guest speakers, an empowering photo sesssion and other activities.

Studio Playtime

Have you taken a class but didn't have time to finish what you started? Do you need a place to scrapbook? Want to bring a canvas and paint? Want to make some more Truth Inspirations? Looking for someplace to hang out with your daughter, friends or to have some time by yourself? Come have a great time in our relaxing, inspiring studio. We must have at least 5 people sign up.

Watercolor Play

Join us for an afternoon of basic watercolor techniques upon which you can begin your own water color journey.  You will leave inspired to add to your journal or to even stretch your artistic comfort zone to  begin exploring watercolor as a new creative venture.  All supplies will be provided - and as we paint there will be food and fun included as well.  We must have at least 5 people to sign up. 

Patchwork of Prayers

Why Pray?
here is a perspective shared by Derwin Gray - -

  • *Prayer is the secret place where we find God waiting for us. 

  • *Prayer is the door we enter to discover God’s heart of unending grace. 

  • *Prayer is the home we have always wanted, where we can crawl into our Father’s lap and find our purpose.

  • *Prayer is not about getting God to give us stuff. It is about becoming who we were made to be: a reflection of Jesus in the world.

All of us are seeking a way to connect quietly yet creatively to our Heavenly Father.

In this workshop, we will explore and share what we have found to be a creative and reflective way to dive into this process thru cut & paste journaling by using several mixed media techniques. 

We will spend the first part of our day with a beautiful guided format of journaling to connect with Him  .. and then build a hard bound binder book from scratch to then hold all of your creative projects to build upon. We will share a lunch .. and then begin building your book. You will learn how to work with epoxy resin, do some book binding, and also how to utilize the  cut&paste form of journaling for  a personal page within your book.

 You will end your day with a journal , a book, a completed art page and all the curriculum to continue this creative process on your own.


Whispers of Truth

This is a faith based version of truth cards .. that are rooted in God's love and the truth that he would have us to be reminded of daily. 

In this workshop, you will create and alter  this unique frame that will hold God's truths for you to be aware of.  This makes an amazing addition to your desk or you can even create one as a gift for someone who needs to hear His encouragement.

We'd love to save a seat for you!

Alot more workshops are in development .. so please check back in often

If you are an artist or exploring the desire to teach .. reach out to us .. we'd love to assist in providing a format and place for you to do so - 

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