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Dreams . . . .


I am a certified dreamer .. to a default.

It does get me in trouble .. because then I find myself juggling a dream induced perspective versus a harsh reality. . . yet we learn and wrangle with it regardless.

So is Debbie - probably why we just 'click' well and get giddy about the smallest and the very biggest things.

And I am going to share my/our latest dream with ya’ll and maybe .. just maybe I can get this launched or at least started .. by someone knowing a bit more than what I know in this moment

Many in my friends list are aware that I attended a LIFE CHANGING retreat in May of 2013. The location was magical, totally in nature and was nothing I have ever experienced. My friend Melody Ross created a safe and nurturing place paired with a curriculum that was so profound. It has never left my soul. I look back on my journals, the writings and the pictures and I am just so grateful and yet wanting this for so many because of how it has transformed my own life.

That was literally ten years ago.

A lot has happened.


I was certified in the curriculum .. along with Debbie, my partner in Restore to Soar.

We have such a heart for this journey. . and God has blessed many parts of both of our stories in the aftermath. We’ve touched a lot of women with the workshops we’ve done .. and now we are both blessed with land .. and farms .. and the yearning is greater than ever to share it with women – to offer a place to rest, reflect and RESTORE.

Here are some pictures from ten years ago .. that are now rooted within us as a memory of what is possible:

planting the ashes of our burn books .. so that this seedling will flourish for all the generations to come

What was so impactful for the both of us .. was that we had that benefit of checking out of our current life for a matter of a few days. We were loved on, fed well, provided a safe place to learn new things and tools to do life. We both love our day workshops and will continue to provide those – AND check us out when you can because the new things are getting added here and there ..

BUT we really wish to offer a restful and restorative retreat .. some time away that is so needed for impact and making the space for all this to take hold. . . so we are planning on making that dream a reality.

All dreams take some building .. and A LOT of prayers.


God has not left me alone with the nudging.

So along with Bobby .. and Debbie and Kevin we are seeking to BUILD this dream.

And in the beginning stages of it .. God has put it on my heart to seek help.

Bobby and I are in process of looking to purchase FIVE (not sure why God has given me that number but it keeps popping up so we will go with that for now) Vintage Trailers/Campers. The dream is to restore them .. make them a space for rest .. and for RETREATs.

(Picture shared is my Inspiration Picture that is in my journal .. and now LIVES on my Office Board).

We have the space on the property allocated. We even have the electricity .. so in this BUILDING stage of the 'dream' we are actively perusing Marketplace .. and as we drive thru our local country roads scouting for trailers FOR SALE.

Restore to Soar would then have Women’s Retreats for Four days/Three Nights (maybe more and maybe less?? we don't as of yet) and we’d do the art, the healing work, the meals and the connections between both properties – (a van or bus is in the future too – but later) .. and we could even offer the space to other artists and healers as a place for their work to take hold too (because we know first hand how hard this all is and we want to make it easier for creatives to do their passion)

We don’t have a huge budget & that is why we are anticipating having to work and fix them up ourselves .. $3000 per trailer max but less is way better to get this moving even quicker .. and what is out there .. well it seems a bit hopeless. But I do know this .. and tell it to my kids ALL.THE.TIME.

“God never places a dream in your heart that your hands cannot hold”

So while I’ve designated a THREE YEAR building process (and we will share details as we progress on our RESTORE TO / BLOG ) we are starting NOW.

We want to do this over time so that this endeavor is debt free .. we do all the work on our own .. owe nothing .. and right now that means a ‘slow go’ process.

Here is my ask from you:

· Prayers. On all levels… but mainly for PROVISION. That we get the trailers we need, the encouragement and help in the things we so do not know, and support .. for His Guidance .. for DISCERNMENT .. and for CREATIVITY.. and PATIENCE.

· IF YOU KNOW of ANYONE who owns a vintage trailer .. or even if you come across a lead – PLEASE REACH OUT TO ME .. again our budget is not huge .. we don’t want to deal with a mishap or gutted endeavor either .. but we are willing to learn in the process .. if you have a skill to donate (woodworking or electrical etc) and can offer help in that arena that would be AMAZING.

I know that if we can move quickly – then we’d be able to offer retreats sooner .. and I have friends who need a respite .. and community and healing .. so this is urgent for me to work on.

We wish to offer this type of thing for caregivers, people who are exiting trauma, people who are headed for life transitions or the girl who is just needing some direction and/or rest. Imagine you, your mom or your daughter here. Twinkling lights, love, healing, growth .. I tell you the visions are just so REAL when I think of how it will be.

When you are given something that is a hand up .. I believe it is your responsibility to do the same down the road. To be the light others need. Debbie and I have this incredible passion to make this happen and we are doing all kinds of things behind the scenes to be able to offer so much on so many levels.

Many people let their dreams stay hidden .. and I was tempted to do this .. but God is nudging me to be transparent and share .. even if it looks crazy.

We have also been blessed with an amazing property by God. It is our duty and responsibility to take care of it .. and also to provide a blessing to others as we have been shown.

So .. that is it.

Our leap of faith .. sharing “IT” (the dream) with you.

Pray and remember us if you have any ideas or options.

Pray for Bobby .. because he scored an out of the box kinda girl .. LOL

And if you know me .. the funny joke God is having ..

my own camper was my SAVING GRACE for these ten years. The stories and trips are boundless .. and I’ve documented every single one .. so how cool is it .. that space and that type of housing on the road that saved my sanity and provided quiet and rest .. will hopefully be the housing for others who are looking for the very.same.thing.

Way cool. Go God.

Love to you all.

Looking to the far left of the ARTBARN .. there is an area that will be where the Vintage Trailers will reside and do their work ..

and for visual context .. and where God has LAYERS to your story ...

The 'upgrade' I got to continue our camping journey that taught me SO much ..

The starter camper "pop-up" that taught us just about everything traveling on the road for five+ years

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