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Soul Restoration Retreat

6 consecutive Sunday evenings.
Six Sundays and a lifetime of change.
also an additional option of a  4 day weekend 

This amazing, magical ladies retreat is set in the heart of Georgia, nestled between the pines. Imagine fresh flowers and little, white lights everywhere, beautiful decorations and furnishings, art supplies galore, along with ladies who will soon become real, caring friends. Women will travel from all over the country to take in the beautiful environment, do some soul work, make authentic friends, listen and share, eat good food, laugh ’til they cry, sing around the camp fire, gaze at the stars, be pampered, walk around the lake, feel special, refreshed and learn new tools to help them soar. No need to be an artist! We believe that all ladies are creative and show it in the way they live. The way they plan their day and even though things get in the way of those plans, they still creatively manage to get it all done. Creativity shows in the way you love people, even when they are being difficult. Cooking a dinner while helping with homework, cleaning up the house, feeding the dog and calling parents. You might not believe it, but your creativity is shining through! All you will need to know is how to use a pair of scissors and a glue stick! 

The Soul Restoration curriculum, written by Melody Ross of Soul Road Academy,  has helped thousands of ladies and now is available right here in the Southeast! 

Who is this for?

We believe every single lady should take this. It is so needed. It is at the heart of why we do these workshops and retreats.

It is THE sole reason we started Restore to Soar. After we each went to this retreat, it changed the lives for both of us and we knew we had to do whatever it took to bring it here to GA. Our relationships improved and we learned tools for becoming a better person, the one we were created to be. We went back to Idaho to become trained to be instructors because we have seen what it has done for so many of our new close friends. Old or young, this is for you.

What can I expect?

Your evenings will be perfectly planned and all of your needs will be met. You won't have to worry about a thing! Imagine that! We will provide scrumptious homeade soup and salad, workbook, supplies and goodies you will love.

We ask that you leave your phone in your purse and give our number for emergencies so you can block out the rest of the world to focus on you.

What are the times?

We will meet 6 Sunday evenings from 4:30-9.  This time, we have decided to offer it this way to allow more people to attend because of schedules and budgets. In the future, we will also be holding overnight retreats where guests stay at a hotel, even if they live nearby so that you can focus on you, your soul, your future. 

How much is the retreat? 

This time, the 6 Sunday retreat cost is $600 and it covers all you need and more.

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