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Soul Book ..

I remember when I first saw this book.

Several thoughts ran thru my mind. . like "I'm not that artistic.. I can't make a book .. This won't be anything I'd treasure" well dang, I ended up being wrong on all fronts of those arguments.


We are ALL artistic. Seriously. We are.

It looks different for each of us .. it just takes some excavation to figure out 'your lane and what that looks like' and Soul Book is a way to do some digging. I learned thru this process how cool Mod Podge really is - how fabric when modged' (is that really a word?with us it is lol) sets up and really dries cool for texture. How simple objects can transform into amazing embellishments with some love.

I am completely sold on the philosophy of when photos are paired with words it can really impact our belief system - even when we don't even realize it . . . and if you don't believe me pull out an old family scrapbook where someone has written a few notes under an aged photograph and it pulls you in to some imaginary story and transports you into time. . yet here, this is done with photos of YOU. With words that are meant for YOU and YOU are the one choosing the words and the photos and all the things.

For that very reason .. it transforms into something super special.

I crafted mine in 2017.

I often pull it out and revisit the words .. and also the woman I was in that era. I do believe since now I am in a new season of life that I 'need' to make a new one .. but I am going to finish the 4 pages left in this one before doing so .. I mean, hey - I can accomplish that when we are sitting together in the workshop right?

This is one of my favorite workshops because it is really fun and you get to leave with something meaningful to carry you thru the wins and also the hard things .. and that is awesome when you spend some time and can 'create' something that becomes an unforeseen treasure - and I promise - it will be that.

BUT ... if that is not what you are seeking to do for yourself.

We do have the curriculum where you can make this FOR SOMEONE ELSE ..

I made one for my own daughter a few years ago .. when she had moved out. That was a really hard season - she was my oldest and she decided to pick up her life and leave with little notice . . and for where I was at during that time, that was hard. So during those early weeks, I was working on the what ifs - what if something happened to her or to me (because with my health history welllll that could be a possiblilty) .. and so many heart things were left UNSAID. That floored me.

I did not want to leave or miss each other without saying the things I needed to say and I desired her to hear.

So I made a book for her.

It not only helped to heal my hurt in the process .. it allowed me to say the things that needed to be said to her and create a tangible proof of the love I will forever have for her.

SO if that is a desire of your heart .. I know that this too would be a treasured gift for your person.

I hope you will consider to spending the afternoon with us.

There is connection. There is laughter. There is music There is food. and there is CREATING.

You will make friends. You don't not have to know anyone or bring a friend - we will ensure you are comfortable (this is why we keep the class size small) .. and sometimes that is what I do when I am exploring (I'm personally in a season where I am attending classes, workshops and other new things .. solo)

We supply everything that you could possibly need for a few hours.

and you leave feeling Inspired, Connected and Loved on.

It's what we love to do.

The only thing you need to bring is an open heart and about 10 small size photographs of YOURSELF .. or if you are making a book for someone .. then of them.

We will guide you thru all the rest.

We are looking forward to this time together .. we'd love to save a seat for you.

April 16th - Sunday

11am to 5pm

Restore to Soar @Cedar Hills Studio in Brooks.

Here is the link to sign up - limited seating

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