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Restore to Soar

Debbie McFarland

I am a mom to 6 wonderful children, a wife to a supportive husband, a photographer, an artist, a gardener, a lover of all things beautiful and a person trying to change the world one small spark at a time. On paper, it appears that I have had a rough life with many ups, downs, twists and turns., just like so many of you. Keeping joy within my heart has helped me be thankful for even the hard times, because that is when I have grown the most. I have had a photography studio since 1998 and still love capturing the beauty each person has within. I started a division of my studio to help ladies and tweens discover their true beauty because so many of us don’t realize how incredibly beautiful we each are. This has become a passion of mine - showing ladies and girls their worth and beauty. I hated everything about myself for 40 years and since having an epiphany, I have had a burning desire to help other ladies realize what I learned. You deserve to live the life you were destined to live. 

Darlene Dennis

I am a  mom to 3 daughters, a wife, a sister, a friend, a confident, a survivor but most of all, a seeker of truth and light in this chaotic world.  Thru a series of several life events and shifts that occurred simultaneously in 2011- 2012, I had to rebuild the life I once knew.  I sought healing and the renovation of my world through the Melody Ross Soul Restoration curriculum that was paired with my faith walk with Jesus.  I attended camp in May of 2013 and left with tools that impacted my perspective and that made a complete shift in my approach to life and the people I am privileged to do this journey with.  I have learned that each of us, regardless of our past, is valuable and designed specifically for a purpose of good - that we are enough - and that each of us has it within ourselves to embrace all of what God has designed us to be  . .  most of all .. I want this for YOU too!I hope you will join us and allow us to be a part of your journey. 

Remember that little girl?

The one with the pig tails,

the smile and the sparkle

in her eye?


The girl with the big dreams? 

Life seems to have a way of getting in the way of those ambitions and crushing the confidence we once had. It is time to take care of you. 

Life is hard. Being a human is hard. As ladies, we give of ourselves to everyone. We put our own needs and desires last sometimes because we are just so busy dealing with everything we have to take care of.

We are creating a wonderful, magical place just for you! A safe place for you to land. A place where you will feel nurtured and loved. A place to embrace your uniqueness. A place to create and learn.


                                         A place to make authentic,                                                             REAL friends. 


                              A place to learn, grow, soar.

                              A place to exhale.


                              A place to just be YOU.                                                                                                       

You are meant to live that awesome life you used to daydream about as a little girl.

We will be offering all kinds of workshops and retreats. Life changing workshops that'll give you tools for living the life you desire and to flourish as well as ones to cultivate a new hobby... maybe something fun that you have always wanted to learn, such as painting, writing or flower arranging. We will continually be adding more ideas because only YOU can become the very best YOU!

Darlene Dennis
Certified Soul Restoration
Debbie McFarland
Certified Soul Restoration Instructor
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