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2021 .. A year of transition on so many levels.

Hello? Helloooo??

Are you still here with us?

I sure hope so .. because our passion and vision for Restore to Soar has never left .. it has just been derailed by life just like so so many things sparked by the pandemic and the trickle down effects.

But all has not been bad .. actually, we both have prevailed more in a positive light than what we ever thought possible .. and that is why our vision for Restore to Soar has stayed vibrant and close - - because we know that we are meant to do this ministry .. this work .. and are both in the process of building the most engaging and welcoming venues .. yes, venues.

To be able to walk side by side with someone whose heart for gatherings mirror yours is truly a gift. And the other shift for us is that I (Darlene) got married. (It's mindblowing to even type that as I am still a newleywed - it all happened crazy fast - not the courtship- that was a snail pace .. but engagement, selling of two homes and then the ceremony - all in four months .. so here we are. So many special things in the crazy process but I was so blessed that Debbie with all her talent and skill was finally able to photograph and capture it! (we ALWAYS joked about it that phone call was even more fun)

And I mentioned two venues earlier ..

There will be two locations for Restore to Soar. wait .. WHAT?

(Debbie & Kevin's new farm in Brooks, Georgia - unofficially Cedar Hill)

10 lush acres with the most amazing setup for gatherings that has 'sparked' so much within Debbie (see what I did there? #sparksofkindness - LOL)

(Darlene and Bobby's Farm near Manchester, GA - no name yet (but you can help with ideas .. we're stumped!

27 acres with horses, goats and chickens)

Yes, two options - - and this is why we know we are going to be doing major work once we both are settled in .. because we have some big dreams that have been busted wide open with space and beautiful land and our hearts and passion for this vision is bigger than ever.

Losing our location in Fayetteville was so hard - but especially hard on Debbie. Being full of faith, I KNEW it was because God was actually "RESTORING" and "REPAIRING" our vision to encompass something even more than what we could have dreamed up

.. and friends, it is ALMOST HERE!

So I ask you to hang in with us. Stay tuned. and PRAY. We are on a mission. . and we both know God is directing our steps in all this.

One of the things that the pandemic showed us is that there is an even greater need for connection and gathering and healing and laughter and friendship and crafting . . . heck, we even needed huge reminders of it. What we were blessed with for the early years of this ministry, was knowing and seeing what beauty unfolds when women come together. . and WE so miss it and are thinking maybe you do too (IF you are reading this)

We both have alot of work respectively in both places to get done .. but know that is being done with the Restore to Soar ministry and gatherings in mind .. and we will announce the progression along the way here on the blog and on our social media pages as well. I hope you will check in. And we will for sure too!

(above: more of what we miss)

Debbie's full focus with her STUDIO work , Restore to Soar and also her other heartsong, Sparks of Kindness will now be able to grow and thrive. Debbie is working towards making Sparks a non-profit - so please also follow that process too on those social media sites - because it is going to be amazing to watch it all unfold.

This all for sure has NOT been an easy road .. if anything, I'm sure we will both share the heartbreaks and surrendering that we both had to encounter along the way .. and the lessons learned .. and the ones we are still navigating. But the blessings from the heartbreak and the tears were necessary to get HERE.

I hope you will sit with us at the campfire soon so we all can share our stories..

I know we'd love to save a seat for you!

Much love to you -

~ Darlene

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