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Where have we been????

As I sit in my creative space .. a bit sunburned, windblown and refreshed from a camping trip, I know I should update our wonderful tribe as to "where" Debbie and I have been since June.

Here we both are in August - attending a Rachel Hollis screening - - gaining inspiration for what is to come

June was I believe our last workshop .. a Ladies morning out .. which is one of our favorite things to do and that we offered on a regular basis.

Summer came with a jolt, our personal schedules demanded more, and also our work was needing more tending to as well - - so Restore to Soar had to be put on hold for a while. We were hoping to hold another Soul Restoration in September, but to be honest, it has been quiet out there amongst our followers so we decided to pull that back while there was so much change going on so we could get centered again. . and sometimes breathing with space is so good.

The farm that we have been so BLESSED and FORTUNATE to meet in is now getting renovated into the beautiful venue that Debbie, Kevin and their partners have envisioned and sacrificed for. Many of you got to see the plans for that space on the wall in the main home .. and now as you drive by on Hwy 54, you will see red dirt and construction barrels and can know that venue is coming to life finally .. and they are all super excited to what that will bring to lives in the way of events and weddings.

It is going to be amazing.

And that amazing transition takes some time as it is a HUGE undertaking for them. Debbie will have her expanding photography business in the main space .. and we will reformatting Restore to Soar to fit in that space once the logistics can be figured out - - but as with everything that I have been witness to .. God will make it be what it needs to be for who it needs to serve in the way He desires ..

In the meantime, what this means for Restore To Soar is that our offerings will be limited for right now.

What do I mean by limited?

A few things.

Darlene's "ArtBarn" space


We will have some small workshops that will be held in my personal art space I call the ArtBarn (it is no barn though but it makes me smile because in Idaho, the "ArtBarn" of Melody's is where this vision took hold for both of us and it just got nicknamed that way)


What we will be offering are tried and true - -

* Truth Cards - - The space can only hold 10 max - so because space is limited .. we will need to have a way to have firm commitments for attending .. especially for our Ladies' Meet n Greets. We don't want someone to get turned away - - so there will be a small fee incurred in place where it used to be free.

* We will be doing Soul Book again soon with limited seating ... Debbie and I have to see what dates could work - but I hope to plan for a November date. There will be two options for payment to this workshop .. but details will follow. I love my Soul Book .. and hope everyone could have one.

*Prayer board - We loved offering this last Dec so I hope to be able to do this again in early Dec. makes a great gift for yourself in this time

* . . and then last, our heartsong - - Soul Restoration - we would like to do a very small Soul Restoration here in this space - which would be on Sundays in Jan. . again it would be a small group due to limited seating - we think it will be amazing.

We should have dates for the above on the website within two weeks as we figure out timing and what makes best sense for us all.

Restore to Soar is so important to our hearts. The workshops and gatherings that are inspired by Brave - Living are the inspiration and vision that we hope to share. We are not losing our passion .. we are growing, shifting, learning and transitioning. And to be honest? I think we will always be in that state as we grow this vision. A place where women can meet authentic, likeminded souls .. do art, explore our paths, laugh, experience trust and joy in a safe and welcoming space - and heal .. because let's face it - this world is a bit harsh. We all need to reset here and there .. and my hope, our hope, is that Restore to Soar can be that safe and welcoming and fun place to do so ...

In the meantime, we will appreciate all your prayers .. and welcome interaction in the form of discussion of what you would like to see .. and how you could best be served. We treasure our moments with you and want to be intentional and have what we offer bring a smile to you and creates moments of bravery, strength and joy.

Keep watching out on Facebook .. and thank you. we love you.

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