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  • Debbie McFarland

These girls....

Beautiful, sweet souls.

Artwork by girl

What an amazing day we had at the "I Am" Workshop last weekend with a group of girls. Ranging in age from 7-16, these sweet souls have touched my heart.

Each canvas is unique because, like we talked about, each girl is unique.

Each girl was so special, so incredibly beautiful. We talked about how we were created different for a reason, each with our own unique beauty and gifts. We spoke about not comparing ourselves to others and to try to be the very best you that you can be because only you can do that. We talked about loving ourselves and not listening to the lies that society and social media feed us.

We are told that we need to be thinner, our hair needs to be curly/straight, need the best clothes. We talked about how those are lies and that the truth is that they were created just right, just the way they are.

We talked about how when other people hurt us, it does not affect our worthiness. We are not to blame when someone is mean to us. We talked about so many incredible things that I wish we could share with every girl out there. What kind of a world it would be if all girls learned this at a young age. They made reminders of their unique and fabulous qualities. They worked so diligently and created masterpieces, just like we told them they were.

Rough days will come, we told them, when people will not be nice. They will try to tell us that we are not good enough and that is when they should look at these beautiful reminders.

Reminders of how loved they are. Reminders that they are brave, they are strong, cherished and amazing. They are a light meant to shine for the world to see and that only THEY can shine that light.

This was such a fun day!!

I’m still smiling!

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