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  • Debbie McFarland

Day 1

Happy Day 1!

I realize that it is not Day 1 of 2018. I get that. is Day 1 of your life.

Yesterday was Day 1. Did you do a do-over? Did you give yourself grace? Did you give others grace? Today, well...this is your opportunity to do so.

Today is Day 1. A new day. An opportunity to start over. Begin again. We all make mistakes. We need to give ourselves a break and not focus on yesterday - the mistakes of days that have passed already, the regrets, the disappointments, the fears, the feelings of inadequacy, self doubt or hate. Today is Day 1. The day that you are going to stand up for someone who needs your help. YOU.

You are so busy helping everyone else. Your kids, your parents, your spouse, friends, neighbors, co-workers...At the drop of a hat, you change your plans and come to the rescue of someone who needs your help. Well, my friends, this is it. This is your life, your one and only life and it is time for you. If you don't stop the craziness of life for you, then who will? Our days pass by and we cross things off our our to-do list. Is that really living? Is that the life you dreamed about when you were just a little girl. Remember that cute little girl? The one who was laying in the grass looking up at the clouds, dreaming of days to come? The one who jumped for joy with the sound of the ice cream truck and was thrilled when she found out there were bomb pops on the truck that day. The sweet girl who was excited to play with a new slinky down the stairs or silly putty stuck on the Sunday comics. That authentic little girl who felt ok in her own skin. Not just ok, but could walk proudly without comparing herself to other little girls. That funny little girl who just said what she wanted to say and laughed when she wanted to laugh, a big hearty laugh, without worrying what others would think of her. That girl who thought she would make all of her dreams come true. One day.

I decided that 2018 brings an opportunity to live each day with intention and I encourage you to do the same. On January 1, 2019, when you look back over this year, how do you want it to look? Make it happen. I am committed to planning my days so that they don't pass by me. Living intentionally to become a better person than I was yesterday or last year, each day better than the next. Cleaning out the clutter of my life so that I can focus on what is important. Asking myself how I can help others more, how I can make this world a kinder, more loving place, how I can be healthier and happier and how I can show love more. I am going to be me. Just me. Not worry about what others think of me. Not compare myself to others. Not try to look like or act like or sound like anyone else, but just me. That me that has been hiding since I was that cute little thing with pigtails. Each day will be Day 1. Plan it and follow through so that I can write an epic book of 365 days. Intention.

2017 was pretty amazing for me because I was able to use all of the life tools I have been learning, like setting boundaries, being prepared for rough days and making decisions and goals. I was determined that I would make it joyful and be grateful despite the circumstances.

I have decided that 2018 will be a year of intention so that I won't just allow 365 days to pass me by without it being a really good book. I hope the same for you! Happy New Year!

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