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  • Darlene's the best gift we can give to those we love.

This life can be good. . and it can be hard. Storms come in our lives and can totally wreck our best laid plans, dreams, and how we live everyday. . . and in the wake of all that, is the aftermath of having to deal with hurts and new processes. That is the part we can feel like we are losing. We hear lies that tell us that this is our new now, to accept untruths and embrace our pain, to live with it day in and day out . . and we start holding ourselves to a make believe standard that somehow edged its way into our life.

Stranded at a crossroad with three young daughters at my helm, I was quite lost where or how to start over. I was fortunate to have come across Brave Girls Club and knew of Melody Ross for years as a papercrafter. I also knew that there had to be some way to deal with all this chaos I had been thrust into. What seemed like a whimsical and crazy choice I booked a trip to a camp and the purpose was just to get away and hear my own thoughts in order to try to sort out this next season of my new life. Little did i know that I was about to collide with a program called Soul Restoration. I had no clue that my private shell would be invaded with the purpose of healing up old wounds and new hurts. I will share more intricate bits and pieces of that journey in upcoming posts. . as I am sure Debbie will too.

What I want to share today is this. Healing is hard work. So hard at times that we purposefully put it off. We make up benchmarks to hit in order to get started and before we know it the lies and untruths have weaved a stronger hold into our days making a commitment to doing this work on ourselves seem a luxury. Not enough time, too selfish, funding, too tired, not enough resources. I know all these excuses - I chanted every single one of them and a whole lot more. .but at some point I looked at these girls and told myself 'if not for me, then for them' and I began on Day 1.

I encourage you to look at those you love. . give them the gift of your healing and of your ascent. They will study your journey and later you will set the example of how to put this path in place. It is a legacy and can change the dynamics of the generations to come.

I want you to heal for you. . but if you can't get there today like me four years ago ..then just start for those you love and even those you have yet to cross paths with. You deserve a beautiful life and I promise you it is waiting there for you. You can uncover the darkness of the lies you've been told and build on the truths that bring the light back to your life.

We are here to help you do that and then some. We chose to call this endeavor Restore to Soar because it is a vision we both have experienced, a teaching that we've embraced and now a path that we both approach life with. Restore to the original you, that was specifically created for a purpose, so that you can soar through this life with light and love.

Healing. It is truly one of the best gifts you can give yourself and to those that you love.

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