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So the journey for here is about to begin . .

So Debbie and I came together in the most unplanned of ways .. but isn't that how some of the best friendships and relationships happen? I think so. It reminds me of God's love for us, my humbleness to how He already knows the path He has placed us on .. and His timing for it to all come together.

We are so very committed to this journey - -a path both of us have experienced in similarity and also in some different ways too - I think that is why we are so good together .. it's not just one perspective .. it is two .. and then there is an entire community of other Certified Instructors with different stories and different journeys that we have been exposed to and been able to learn from. We have done some really hard, in some ways harsh, heart work .. and have also connected with women and made friendships that will carry us from here on out. It is all that good. The curriculum that we will facilitate has helped thousands of women move beyond their current situation and into new and exciting paths. There will be one day modules to get us started and then in a few months we will begin with our four day retreats - this is where it all transforms anything you could ever do for yourself.

We have this strong commitment to share and to give and to help others - just as we have been helped and loved on .. and to also infuse some art, some fun, some bonding and to create a community of Brave Girls who look to promote kindness, love and healing in every moment of every day.

Join us. Pray for us. . . . and watch as this all unfolds.

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